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February Half Term Soccer School 2018
Scroll Down, Complete & Submit Registration Form to Book your Child and then Pay via your Mobile or Online Banking Facility (See our account details below)

Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Invite YOU to attend...
Feb Half Term Soccer School run by MLT In The Community.        
at Wyvern College, Botley Road, Fair Oak, SO50 7AN...

MLT In the Community are running 5 Days of Football Fun from 8.45am to 1pm or 4pm for 5 - 12 year olds!

Qualified Goalkeeping Coaches will provide Specialist GK Coaching from 9am - 1pm for Goalkeepers attending and after lunch the Goalkeepers will play in goal in the Tournaments up to 3.45pm.

There will be plenty of time for lunch & snacks & lots of exciting Fun Themed Footie Sports for everyone.
Please feel free to invite along Your friends to join You and the Motivational Lifestyle Team.

Please arrive at Wyvern Reception for around 8.45am, as the fun & games start from 9.00 every day.
You will be greeted and registered in the main School Reception from 8.45am - 9.00am, don't be late.

Parents please pick up your child at 1pm or 4pm from the Main School Reception at Wyvern. Don't be late.
If you have any issues regarding collecting your Child please call Steve Phillips 07415 888851..

                     "Unlimited Places Available each day & "5 Full Days" Early Booking deal available.
                Feel free to spread the word & invite along your Football Friends as it will be great FUN!!!"

Half Days  Available 8.45am - 1pm 5-7 Yr Olds       Full Days Available 8.45am - 4pm 5-12 Yr Olds

5 Days:     Monday 12th February                      "All Coaches are Enhanced DBS Checked"
                  Tuesday 13th February
                  Wednesday 14th February                         "Just select your Days and Book by
                  Thursday 15th February                          completing the Registration Form below"
                  Friday 16th February

Please pay directly after completing the Registration Form below, by your Mobile or via Online Payment to our Account

MLT IN The Community Ltd Bank Account Number:-                                               22595228
Bank Sort Code:-                                                                                                             522118
Please ensure You Quote a Reference & include YOUR child’s name. Example   WSS/S Phillips


Early Booking Offer "Get 5 FULL DAYS for the Price of 4 when you Book & Pay by 26th January"
This Offer Is Only Available on 5 Full Days being booked & paid for by Friday 26th Jan and does not apply with any other discounts

Times & Prices   


8:45am - 4pm: 5 - 12 Year Olds (Full Days)              8:45am - 1pm: 5 - 7 Year Olds (Half Days)
         5 Days Cost £85                                                           5 Days Cost £50           
           4 Days Cost £75                                                                 4 Days Cost £44
              3 Days Cost £60                                                                  3 Days Cost £35
                 2 Days Cost £44                                                                   2 Days Cost £26
                    or join us for a Day £24
                                                      or join us for a Day £14

 "MLT In The Community will encourage you to make new friends, enjoy each day & have Fun"

February Half Term Soccer School 2018 Registration Form (Please Complete In Full)

Book Now & Pay via your Online Banking Today to join the February Half Term Soccer School

Childs Name:
No Of Days Attending (Full / Half):
Dates Attending / Venue eg. 12th - 16th Feb or specify each day
Gender: (boy or girl)
Date Of Birth:
Year Group:
Home Address:
Are you using a 3 Day Birthday Complimentary Pass?
Are you using a Special 1 Day School Pass?
Are you using School Fete 1 Day Pass?
Are you using a Development Centre 1 Day Pass?
Email Address:
Home Telephone Number:
Please confirm your Emergency Mobile Contact Number here:
Contact’s Name / Relationship with Child:
Medical Conditions & Medication Prescribed
Method of Payment: Mobile or Online Bank Payment  or Cheque
if no online facility
(Please bring cheque with you on the Day)
Would you be interested in attending another?
MLTITC Soccer School: (Yes or No)
MLTITC Coaches are available for “Football Birthday Parties”
are you Interested in Booking?: (Yes or No)
How did you hear out about us?

Please pay in full by your Mobile or via Online Payment to our Account.

MLT In The Community Ltd Bank Account Number:-                                                 22595228
Bank Sort Code:-                                                                                                              522118
Please ensure You Quote a Reference & include YOUR child’s name. Example    WSS/S Phillips

If You Have Any Queries Please call Steve Phillips 07415888851 or email :-        or

If you are using a 1 Day or 3 Day Pass please ensure you record this above and
Pay for the other days attending. Please bring the Pass with you each day until it is fully used.

Example -
You have a 1 Day Birthday Party Pass and wish to attend for 3 Days,
Please pay for 2 Days at £44 and bring your Pass with you.

8.45am - 1pm/ 4pm: 5 - 12 Year Olds at Wyvern College, Fair Oak, Eastleigh

50% Discount per extra sibling can be applied off "Full Price" only and not off Early Booking Offer.

Important - I accept that this Booking and associated Payment is made on a “No Refund Policy”basis.

All Children must bring appropriate clothing for playing outdoors, footwear, shin pads and bring plenty of non-fizzy drinks, along with a change of clothing and towel in case of rain, adverse weather conditions

I accept that no liability in respect of loss or damage to personal property or effects is accepted by MLT Natural Coaching Ltd or
MLT In The Community Ltd or their servants whilst the above named person/s is attending the Soccer School

I accept that MLT Natural Coaching Ltd/MLT In The Community Ltd have the right to cease the attendance of my child without notice or a refund in the event of unacceptable behaviour, ill discipline and causing a disturbance, which is unable to be dealt with by their servants whilst my child named above is attending the Soccer School

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Matt’s Philosophy
Matt's Philosophy is unique and Matt's "Aims & Objectives" is delivering to every boy, a "Natural Coaching" programme, which is providing opportunities for everyone attending to be guided into a Professional Football Club.

Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching

About MLT Natural Coaching
Matt was renowned for his fantastic skills, vision and scorer of spectacular goals and our sessions are planned around this style of play. We look to encourage positive, "natural" play...

Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching

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